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Monday, April 28, 2014

City to City: Walrus

Last week, Kristen shared one of her favourite retail shops in Saskatoon, and today I get to share one of my favourites here in Vancouver! Walrus is a small boutique shop that celebrates design of well-crafted, playful and functional items. They focus specifically on Canadian design and many local designers' goods can be found within the shop. When I first discovered this lovely little space, I was drawn in by the amount of visual eye candy there was to look at, along with the super friendly owners, Daniel and Caroline, who seemed so passionate about their work. There seems to be a community surrounding the space and that can probably be discovered more in the many events they hold to celebrate design. 

As I was going though my pictures that I happened to shoot the other day, I realized that I have no wide shots of the space itself! So that will just have to be a surprise for you Vancouverites or for those visiting :). Until then, here are a few of the interesting, whimsical and lovely things you might find when stopping by. 
These mugs were designed by Cathy Terepocki who is my absolute favourite ceramic artist. Her work is incredible! She used to reside in Saskatoon and I was so happy to find small pieces of home here. 
A Vancouver necessity, lots and lots of Herschel backpacks! I have yet to nab one, but it's on my birthday list (hint hint...)
The hubby loves these Freud teapots from outer space...I think I know what to get for HIS birthday ;)
So much goodness, right? And here's the best part for those of you that can't get out to Vancouver- they have an online shop! And for those that can stop by, they are open every day of the week- you can find all hours on the website. Find the link below:

3408 Cambie Street
Website: Walrus
Instagram: @walrushome
Facebook: WALRUShome

Thank you, Walrus, for letting me photograph bits of your beautiful space! 

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