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Friday, November 7, 2014

Stationery Obsessions.

Have you seen the new shop from A Beautiful Mess? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't waiting for this. The happy mail subscription looks so fun! Jenni and I have our own version of happy mail, so far consisting of shared recipes, but who knows, maybe we could be convinced to start sending pretty paper-y things to others. 

I have a few things I always keep around in my crafty space. Currently, it's a second bedroom we use for music and crafty things, but that will be changing shortly. (Did I mention I'm moving one province closer to my creative sister Jenni? Details soon!) I'm excited to set up a new creative space for paper crafts. 
A good roll of string is always useful. Tying bows, stringing packets of paper together, and collecting bundles of flowers are in the realm of this essential's repertoire. 
I use washi tape like it's going out of style. (Is it? I hope not). I have collected a few from Etsy, from craft stores, and as gifts. Those pretty patterned tapes are a trend I will gladly buy into for quite some time. 

What do I do with all that washi tape? Glad you asked. 

My creative outlet lately has been paper crafts. There's always an occasion for a card, and washi tape comes in handy for these constantly. 
Here, I used it to create a faux banner on the front of the card. The washi tape holds a mystery name in place, while the drawn-on string hoists it high. 
I'm all about layers. This teal washi tape gives a nice solid layer to the busy chevron background. And is that old-fashioned camera stamp not the cutest? I got a lovely set of tiny stamps from The Regional Assembly of Text that have also come in handy. 
Layers of stamps, paper, and washi tape. This combination makes this creator happy. 

Do you have any washi tape or other paper craft obsessions? 

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