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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Imaginary House: Strolling Through Connecticut

Do you ever imagine living somewhere else? I've been known to imagine a lot and my most vivid imaginations begin with looking at a house. Houses have so much character. I feel that each one has a story to tell, especially if it's had years worth of history. So when I go on walks, I like to walk through neighbourhoods. I like to see the places where people have lived or are living and imagine what life inside them must be like. The mysterious going-on's inside a place intrigue me and entice me to dream. 

This house is not one I've seen on any of my walks, but I was intrigued nonetheless, especially with the surrounding fall colours. I imagine this to be on the east coast where the beauty of autumn must overwhelm. If I lived here, I would stroll through these grounds, maybe jump in a pile of leaves when no one is watching. And this is how I would live in my home: 
1. I'd invite the ladies over and we'd drink tea and chat on my plush lavender couch. 2. For larger social gatherings, we'd make sure to set the table with our finest gold silverware. 3. Our home would be adorned with the loveliest of paintings to look at. This one would go well with my purple settee. And of course, I'd have a whole collection of art, because that's what I would do- collect art. 4. My wardrobe would be filled with fine and dainty pieces of clothing including this perfectly pressed bow shirt.

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