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Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Gardener

I wouldn't saw I'm an avid gardener. But if my mom passed on one thing to me (or twenty), it would be the love for growing things. 
This year, I did a little 'apartment' gardening. I grew one pot of various herbs, a giant pot of cherry tomatoes, and a few flower pots. 

It's a little bittersweet to rip out all these plants at the end of the year. The ones I've struggled to keep from dying for the four and a half months that growing season is. But, I got a tiny little harvest, and I'm here to share my successes! And a few of the failures too. 

I tried to keep all the tags in the pots when I planted them, because that's way more helpful to remember my favourites at the end of the season. Of course, I lost all the flower tags, but the herb pot tags stayed put! Here's how growing went:

1. Lemon Cherry Tomatoes: If you want a super sweet and delicious fast growing tomato, go for this one! They turn a beautiful golden colour, and literally taste like candy. I was a little lenient in my watering diligence, but overall, it was a healthy plant, and got me about 20-30 tiny, sweet tomatoes.

2. Mint and Basil: Both grew really well beside each other in a pot! I used the basil the most, picking it as I needed for pesto, seasoning, and baking. Both of these grew back really quickly after being picked. 

3. Dill and Cilantro: I love both of these herbs, and they grew super quickly. And super tall! I first used these herbs early in the year, and they died shortly after. But were nice while they lasted! 

4. Rosemary: My lovely little rosemary plant also didn't really grow, but it was sparingly used. And stayed alive! 

 5. Lavender: I saw this at the greenhouse and decided to try and grow it, inspired by Jenni (It was one of her wedding flowers! So pretty). I'm sorry to report that it didn't really grow...at all. But it stayed alive!

As much as I don't remember which blooms I half-kept alive this year, I do know that my dusty miller leafy green flourished! I had it in two different pots, and it always looked healthy. This pretty leaf was in my wedding bouquet last year, so I was happy to see it grow well. Jenni, maybe lavender will grow for you instead?

My favourite bloom was this little guy. Name that flower? Mom?

How does your garden grow?
 Hope you all are having a wonderful thanksgiving weekend! 

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