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Thursday, June 12, 2014

City to City: Tamarack General Store

Hello strangers! Jenni and I have been busy being aunties to the cutest little newborn boy around. (You can argue this, but we think he's the cutest!) We've been a bit busy spoiling him. Excuse our absence!

A little while ago, owner Richard Anderson was kind enough to let me snap some photos at one of Saskatoon's most unique stores. I had heard of Tamarack General Store before they even opened, and was excited to see the specially selected items they would bring in! I've visited a few times, and they are all about good quality items that people want to have. And my goodness, I want to have it all! 

Another unique feature about this place is that its entry is in the alleyway. Luckily, it's located just off Broadway, so foot traffic is plentiful, I'm sure. I love the idea of a hidden away store that has to be found to be enjoyed! 

If you pop in, you have to try this Marou chocolate. Crafted carefully from cacao trees in Vietnam, this company is seeking to show that the small, family farm really is a more environmentally friendly business model.  I identify with this as I know this is most often the story for quality coffee. 

And did I mention it tastes amazing? Seriously. Dark Chocolate at its finest. 

Check out their fine line of men's products from Prospector Co. That labelling. I love good labelling!


Speaking of good labelling, Common Good knows what that's all about! This company from Brooklyn seeks to eliminate the excess in plastic, and has created a household cleaning line with bottles that you can take to refilling stations! I love this idea. They also give a very well written list of ingredients that are in their products on their website, eliminating the mystery of the more widely used cleaning product ingredients! Smart people, right?

These shelves, love the industrial metal backing and the simple wood shelves!

I see future gifts for my nephew! He will be the coolest kid in school. 

After all these beautiful products from a little further away, I loved seeing these spoons made by a friend! Joel started burntwood makery, hand carving and wood burning unique spoons. We now have two burntwood makery spoons in our house, both so beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some beautiful items in a beautiful space. If you want to see more of their ever-changing general store, head down there yourself! 

Tamarack is open:


#10 - 638 Broadway Avenue (alley entrance)
website: Tamarack General Store (in the works!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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