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Friday, May 16, 2014

Curated By...Vol. 7

Ok. This is post is coming waaaay too late. And I missed my post for Wednesday. Cet's la vie. Maybe these links will inspire you just the same because I know they sure inspired me this week! 

1. I'm a huge sucker for bread. Any kind, really. I try to make a loaf or two every few weeks. And I've been wanting to try out a new recipe just for fun- this one looks absolutely delish. 

2. As warm weather starts to make its appearance, I'm starting to really crave all the summer time foods, burgers included. I came across this recipe the other day for an absolute gourmet delight. And anything with goat cheese floats my boat. This whole site is filled with delicious looking food, too. Definitely take some time to look through the other posts!

3. There's a huge weaving trend making its way around the interweb and I want to hop on that train, too. I plan to do that soon because this ingenious diy is a great way to get started on making a small wall piece! 

4. We live in an old apartment and old apartments aren't exactly known for their large closets... that's where this beautiful craft would come in extremely handy. We are in need of a big redo to our packed closet and I'm in love with the simple and practical design.

Well, I hope these links give you something to feel inspired by and maybe even start something new on this May long weekend!


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