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Friday, April 11, 2014

Curated By Jenni

Happy Friday! I only have four links for you because I realized I haven't been doing a lot of internet browsing this week! I have quite a few projects on the go and have been more obsessed with watching a bizarre show I heard about on Ellen the other day, called Naked and Afraid- anyone else heard of this?? It's so intriguing! Maybe it's just the survivalist (that I wish I was) in me...Anywhooo, although I don't have many links to share, they are real good ones! Quality over quanitity!

1. We made this the other night for dinner: Red Lentils and Spinach in Masala Sauce from Naturally Ella. So incredibly tasty, especially with quinoa and warm naan. I now have more garam masala than I know what to do with, though!

2. Wish I would have had mangos to make this Mango Lassi from TasteMade when we made our meal. Looking forward to trying this out. Ripen, mangoes, ripen!

3. Been obsessed with gold foil lately and this vase from The Crafted Life looks like the perfect way to use it. Have a look at the rest of her projects, too. 

4. I came across this project a while back, but am hoping to revisit it and fill our home with springy, citrusy scents. Ahhh. I can smell it already. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with joy and sunshine (literal or figurative)! 


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