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Friday, March 21, 2014

City to City: City Perks

I really have no choice. I have to post about the coffee shop I work in after Jenni's post on Wednesday! 
City Perks is lovely. I've been a barista here for just about two years, and truly still love it. 
It's in a quiet little historic neighbourhood, but it's really not a quiet place! It's rarely not busy. 

Amidst lunch preparations and fresh baking is my favourite part, the coffee. A neat little part about City Perks, that connects me and Jenni is that our coffee is from a roaster in Vancouver! Forty Ninth Parallel coffee is well-known in B.C., as that's where their shops are, but Saskatoon residents are getting to know and appreciate it quite well as we've been brewing it for just over a year. It's truly great coffee. They source it directly, choosing each carefully, roast it attentively, and we get it shipped to us every week, ensuring it's fresh. I had chance to visit the roastery last year and get some intensive training. Making coffee is an art, a craft, and a true passion of mine! (Can you tell?)

Fresh scones and muffins are made every morning! Wraps + sandwiches, soups, quiche and salad for lunch, and for the afternoon: desserts...cakes and more cakes! Tons of work is put into each part of this place. 

We sell lots of home brewing equipment. At home, my husband Jordon and I have a v60 dripper. I'd highly recommend it. Pour over coffee is a fun art to get into. 

At City Perks, we brew Kalita wave Pour over coffee. Making sure to weigh each one, we love brewing coffee by the cup. 

We also recently got in Chemex for retail brewing equipment. Also a fantastic Pour over coffee experience, the Chemex has the glass server 'built in'. A Chemex is fantastic to share!

The owners of City Perks (hello Mike and Coralee!) also bought the flower shop next door in fall! And what goes better with coffee than flowers? Not in your coffee. No. Just on the side, for a friend or spouse or something. 

One more unique thing about City Perks is that during a large renovation last year, the goal was to use as many repurposed and recycled items as possible. Doors and tables were repurposed from the Delta Bessborough hotel, hardwood was reclaimed mismatched pieces stained to the same colour, bar stools from a bar that closed down in Saskatoon, tin tiles from an old drugstore in small town Saskatchewan, and lots more! It's fun to tell the stories of how it all got put together. 

City Perks is a treat. You should stop by if you're in Saskatoon!

City Perks Coffeehouse

801 7th Avenue North
website: City Perks
instagram: cityperkscoffee
twitter: @PerksCity

Open Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

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