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Friday, September 5, 2014

Curated By: Vol. 9

Well look at that. The whole summer has gone by without me doing one of these! I hope you were inspired to create just the same. I know I've been inspired all summer by the wonderful projects and ideas going around the blog world- so many great things! People are just so darn creative these days. This week, especially, I've been pinning a whole lot more and finding all sorts of goodies. Here are the things that have particularly inspired me this past week: 

1. I made this recipe for plum crumble last year when I received a bounty of plums. I enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to make it again just to use up the plums in my fridge that were going bad. It was once again enjoyed with fervour! 

2. I went on a grilled cheese binge this summer but I wish I had come across this recipe sooner before I was all grilled cheesed out. I don't know, somehow Romesco Grilled Cheese with Gruyere + Watercress may make me revisit the obsession once more...

3. M and I recently went to the beach and gathered as much driftwood as we could carry. I'm finding all sorts of creative projects to use it for including this beautiful bedroom clothes hanger! (original source unknown).

4. Mandi recently posted on A Beautiful Mess showcasing her DIY cake dome and cloche jars. I've never used a cake dome before, but kind of want to just because it looks so pretty! 

5. Bridget from Deer Circus posted this incredible tribute to her grandmother today. I am always in awe of writers and Bridget is no exception. This piece is particularly beautiful and I felt compelled to share it. Grief is a very familiar thing for me (and Kristen, I'm sure) and the picture Bridget paints of the physicality of emotion pinpoints it perfectly. 

6. And just because we've now entered September (even though I'm not ready to give up summer), a really gorgeous shot of autumnal trees on a lake. The one picture this week that made me think, "hmm, maybe I can do this Fall thing...". 

I hope you feel inspired and encouraged as you enter your weekends!


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