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Friday, September 26, 2014

Curated By: Vol. 10

This week, I've been pinning like crazy. I don't know what it is...maybe the rain? It's been raining cats and dogs over here which sure doesn't make me want to go outside! And so, I pin and am inspired. I hope that life is a little sunnier for you, but in case you are stuck indoors, try making and baking these. And in case you need a pick-me-up, I've included a couple fun things to buy, as well!

1. This homemade funfetti cake post from My Name is Yeh is a very comprehensive guide to making a perfect looking funfetti cake, including what works and what doesn't. 

2. These almond buns from Hungry Brownie would be the perfect start to a cozy day inside.

3. Embracing fall means embracing candles and warm scents around the house. I would love to make my own and Oh Happy Day gives a fantastic tutorial.

4. Painting with watercolours is my current art form, but I have yet to master painting watercolour text. I love this tutorial of the process that Melissa Esplin demonstrates. 

5. Ok. I think that this would brighten up anybody's day. How fun is this Confetti Push-Pop?? This would be so delightful at any type of party or gathering!

6. I've been looking for a ring holder ever since my beloved elephant one broke. I love the look of this white and gold giraffe and for $16 you really can't go wrong!

Now go. Go create something magical!

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