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Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello! Welcome to our first post! We're so glad you found us and we are so excited to begin this creative venture together. To start things off, let us introduce ourselves:

I’m Kristen, one half of the blog. I've previously blogged at Summer Sets In. I’m a barista, student and newly married lady to a bass-playing husband, also a barista. Life for us is full of coffee. I love brown leather boots, would choose savoury over sweet any day, am a true procrastinator, and have a love for teaching in many forms.

We’ve started this blog not only as a way to connect as sisters (and friends), but also to inspire each other to create, and inspire others to create! I absolutely love having a creative outlet. But when life and schedules get in the way, I find it hard to motivate myself to remember that. Jenni and I both have loved creating anything since we were little. I remember after Saturday chores, we would decide on our creative venture for the afternoon. Summer time meant re decorating the little playhouse shed outside, winter meant designing stores and homes in the basement. Not to mention all the little craft projects that were made in between creative adventures.

Over time, our creative ambition has evolved a bit (I hope!) and this is a space where we’d love to share that with you. You’ll see some food and drink, some inspiring places we like to go, and some current creative projects we are involved in. 
I'm Jenni, the other half of the blog! I am an emerging artist living in a much larger city than I'm used to in Vancouver, BC. You may recognize me from my personal blog, Tales From Bottomley Cottage. One of the things that I share with Kristen is that we both got married this past year.  I also married a coffee loving man who is a teacher and part-time film enthusiast. I enjoy exploring wild places, eating dessert, dancing to old jazz (only in private!), and all things nostalgic. I'm a true Romantic. 

I have fond memories of growing up with Kristen. We come from a family of four girls, but Kristen and I share the title of being middle children. Therefore, we shared a lot of middle child traits. We could often be found more in the background, quietly collaborating with ideas for projects or imagining future endeavours together. As we grew older we found ourselves connecting through a love for the blogging community and the inspiration we received from it. And over the past few months, we have once again been quietly collaborating on this new project!

I am so excited to see where this blog will go, who we'll be able to connect with but also how we'll be able to connect as sisters. As newlyweds, we are both learning things about "making house", being able to put effort into decorating our homes, and generally being creative on limited budgets! We are looking forward to sharing all of these things with you and hope that it inspires you to also creatively connect with those close to you.
Photo Credit: Tamarah Leanne Photography (left) & Cattura Imagery (right)

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